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    [x50] Changelog 18.04.2014

    * Server updated to use Java 8
    * Captcha exploit fixed
    * Custom skill caps will no wonger cap against npcs and summons, only players (it means stuns against summons arent capped).
    * Being targetted while in hide is fixed.
    * You will not be able to teleport to Beleth room if he is dead.
    * Defenders of Wild Beast Farm can now participate.

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    [20x] WoA event

    Tnx EdwardKenway for sharing.

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    [x50] Changelog 12.04.2014

    * Wrong calculation in physical skills fixed. Dagger skills especially will no longer deal OP damage.
    * Beleth is now properly respawning.
    * Mail flood protection added.
    * Banned offline traders will not be loaded.

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    [x50] Changelog 10.04.2014

    * Permanently fixed mobs attack stucking.
    * .cfg will no longer hide offline buffers.
    * Security password on new character is REQUIRED to continue. We are pissed off from at least 3 scams a day.
    * Added foundation items to the Donation shop.
    * Tower of Naia is now retail-like. Keep in mind that killing one element will increase your points by 1. Killing the opposite to this element will decrease its points by 2. Killing other element will decrease its points by 1.
    * Duelist/Tyrant/Titan damage during oly nerf lowered from 10% to 5%.
    * Dwarves stun land rate lowered a bit.
    * Shield Stun nerf removed. A cap of maximum 40% is now applied.

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    [x50] Changelog 06.04.2014

    * Possible fix for mobs attack stucking.
    * PvP flag obtained through monsters should last twice lower.
    * Traps should propperly affect surrounding targets, not only one target.
    * Fake Death fixed.
    * Enchant Backup Stones will no longer disappear while enchanting.
    * Fix for players being unable to enchant/attribute sometimes.
    * LOS check for melee skills. No more skills through walls.
    * Transformation with pet bugfix in SOA.
    * Guardians of the Holy Grail quest fixed.
    * Mutated Elpy fixed.
    * Fort siege minister respawn time fixed and southern fort guards respawn fix.
    * Tiat drop rate increased.
    * Fixed mini-rollback on server restarts.
    * Possible .report uses increased.
    * Southern fort reworked

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    Weekly Event: April fools


    Hello fools,
    there is a event for you!

    While farming monsters over the map and their level is above 80, you can earn:
    [​IMG] Special Gift of April Fool's Day (Only for fools)

    The special gift is temporal and can be opened only 3 days after he earn it.
    So dont waste time and click, click, click.

    There is 100% reward for everyone.
    Here we go with the rewards!

    [​IMG] Scroll of Transformation - Overkill Pig
    (Scroll transforming you to pig and gaining +100kg)

    [​IMG] Pig Sister hat
    [​IMG] Beetle RnB Star
    [​IMG] Lady Ant hat
    [​IMG] Ant hat
    [​IMG] General Hat
    (All hat have powerful skill increasing your power against sun, wind and other OP things)

    [​IMG] Police jet bike
    [​IMG] Slow and furious
    (While riding this mount you can evade from police, scam or aliens.)

    [​IMG] Ring of Empower
    (Special developed ring of baium. It increase all stats on your character, include brain!)

    * Cars + jewewls are temporal!

    L2Woa wish you happy farming!

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    3 Day Promotion.

    Hello community,
    we decide to do small promotion for newbies and clans.

    Newbies, get ready!
    Next 3 days, every new charcater can earn following reward:

    [​IMG] Frog Hat
    [​IMG] Weaver's Multi-colored Clothes
    [​IMG] Event - Herdsman's Love Scroll
    [​IMG] Vitality Replenishing Potion
    [​IMG] Plus, Newbie gear pack up to B-Grade!
    * Reward is earned with every new created char.

    Clans, is there something for you, hell yeah!
    Every clan below level 6 can earn the following reward:
    [​IMG] Clan level updated to 6.
    [​IMG] 30k Reputation score.
    [​IMG] Random amout of clan eggs.
    * Reward can be claimed only from the clan leader via NPC in giran (Clan Helper).

    L2Woa team wish you happy times with us!

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    [x50] Changelog 28.03.2014

    * Heal Percent skills will no longer work on doors and other siege units.
    * Security check for .cfg command.
    * Little Wing Adventures quest fixed.
    * Crystal Caverns will now properly teleport you through the rooms.
    * Dark Cloud Mansion fixed to properly kick you out after its finished.
    * Territory wars fixed to properly return flags on start.
    * Shadow Step fixed.
    * Double message for damage fixed.
    * Hide skill is now fixed. It will now cancel the cast of everyone targeted him.
    * Flash Trap fixes.
    * Servitor Share is now retail-like. It applies to the master.
    * Magic Critical formula corrected. No more OP base critical rate. (SPS with +5 WIT dyes, DC set and nothing more, no buffs no nothing, used to reach maximum rate, LOL!)
    * Magic Impulse fixed. It used to give 3, 6, 9 solid percents, but thats just wrong. It should give 100%, 200%, 300% magic crit of base.
    * Enlightenment fixed. It used to give 5 solid percents, now it gives 50% of base.
    * Gladiators and Tyrants charge skill formula updated to High Five. It should compensate for the oly nerf they've got.
    * Skills going through walls fixed, once again (it was broken in the last update).

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    Technical Issues

    So... where to begin?
    Right before the update, my power went off... yeah, great. Nothing unexpected from shitty monopolizing power company.
    Now I see that DominicToretto is stuck with fixing some problem with the proxies used to connect to our server. It will take him some time, maybe 10 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour. But its more likely to be 10mins.

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    [x50] Changelog 23.03.2014

    * Disarm land rate lowered by 10%
    * Curse fear land rate nerf nerfed .. I mean it should land more.
    * Steal Divinity now has a minimum of 25%, just as the rest of the cancel skills.
    * Shadow Step land rate fixed.
    * Hall of Agony is now a piece zone.
    * Banned characters will now get a html message why they are banned.
    * Kamael Rush Impact max land rate set to 33% (one out of 3 will land).
    * Gladiator, Tyrant and Destroyer skill damage during olympiad lowered by 10%.
    * Blow-type skills critical damage bonus from buffs is fixed. Overall its a nerf.
    * Blow-type skills will now properly utilize the soulshot bonus, which means they will no loger get pathetic 5-10% damage boost from shots, but a lot bigger.

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