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    May - June 2014 Olympiad Phoenix Knight

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    [x50] Changelog 16.06.2014

    * Infinity Spear Cancel is now retail-like: 10% chance to cancel up to 5 buffs.
    * Steal Divinity fixed. It no longer steals max buffs everytime.
    * Sorc & Spellsinger casting speed cap increased from 1999 to 2500.
    * Erase nerf removed.
    * Bluff slight nerf removed.
    * Scheme Buffer reworked. Now its way more responsive and comfortable to use. (Buffs for my class will be fixed soon)

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    Event: Be Creative! (movie, design, screens)

    Start 05/06/2014 00:00 h
    Event End 10/06/2014 00:00h vote options will be added to decide winners

    Most Creative Movie
    First place moviemaker - Venomancer wins Elegia Set+6 full att

    Second place moviemaker - MaRYl0u wins Ant Queen

    Third place moviemaker - Liftvin wins Mid 84 wep +sa+att

    Most Creative Screenshot with L2Woa
    First place Screenshot - ElunaDeFF wins Coins equal 30 euro +bews
    Second place Screenshot - Liftvin wins Coins equal 20 euro +bews
    Third place Screenshot - Venomancer wins Coins equal 10 euro +bews

    Mass Pvp Screenshot with l2woa logo on it
    First place Mass Pvp screenshot - ElunaDeFF wins pvp belt+bews
    Second place Mass Pvp Screenshot - iQ wins x2beas+ coins equal 15eu

    L2Woa HopZone logo gif

    Winner iQ Gets: Coins equal 50 euro
    World of Ages Team 2014

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    [x50] Changelog 04.06.2014

    * All new players will be given Dynasty Foundation Armor set +6 with attributes that is un-tradeable and un-dropable.
    * Chain Heal is fixed.
    * PvP Weapon - Cancel is now retail-like. (25% chance, 3 max buffs to remove. Still procs at 10% chance)
    * A small quest exploit has been fixed.
    * Hide skill is now fully fixed.

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    Another video made by EdwardKenway
    Tnx for sharing

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    [x50] Changelog 03.05.2014

    * Chain Heal targetting fixed.
    * AOE skills at epic zones fixed.
    * Lindvior nerfed.
    * Mobs attack stucking should be completely fixed now.

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    [x50] Changelog 30.04.2014

    * Oly period set to 2 weeks [best poll result]. New heroes will be announced each 1-st and 15-th date of month.
    * Antharas , Valakas and Baium zones are set to open PVP zones [best poll result]
    * Epic boss spawn windows are set to +2/-2 hours. Topic with spawns edited :
    * Chain heal reworked again
    * Problematic mob system rework reverted. This will fix problems with fake death and missing instance drops

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    Weekly Event: Summer Squash

    From 25.04.2014 to 02.05.2014 the event 'Summer Squash' will be active.

    Collect Pollen's and exchange them at Event Npc (can be found in every major town).

    The rewards are alot and various.
    Good Luck!

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    Newbie & Clan Promo

    Next 3 days, every new charcater can earn following reward:

    Newbie Promo
    [​IMG] Frog Hat
    [​IMG] Weaver's Multi-colored Clothes
    [​IMG] Event - Herdsman's Love Scroll
    [​IMG] Vitality Replenishing Potion
    [​IMG] Plus, Newbie gear pack up to B-Grade!
    * Reward is earned with every new created char.

    Clan Promo
    Every clan below level 6 can earn the following reward:
    [​IMG] Clan level updated to 6.
    [​IMG] 30k Reputation score.
    [​IMG] Random amout of clan eggs.
    * Reward can be claimed only from the clan leader via NPC in giran (Clan Helper).

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    [x50] Changelog 25.04.2014

    * Implemented Lindvior Event more info soon.
    * Implemented Trivia Event.
    * Chain Heal some fixes for heal on flaged player.
    * Lightning Strike 5% boost on chance.
    * Hide fixed.

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